trackFinger for After Effects it allows you to record the movements of the fingers (up to ten) on the display of the iPad or the iPhone and then send the tracking data as keyframes to Adobe After Effects to animate the contents of the screen.


trackFinger for After Effects is one of the most complete and powerful app for iOS that works in companion with Adobe After Effects to produce unprecedented, seamless and super precise iPad and iPhone user interaction visual effects shots.


project handling

trackFinger for After Effects: projects trackFinger for After Effects allows you to have more than one project on the device, so that you can quickly change production and manage more than one.

Each project can have unlimited tracks.

For each project the date of creation, date of adding of the last track, the number of recorded tracks and the occupation of space on the device are displayed.

You can easily set up a project as a whole production or, for greater efficiency, as a day of shooting. By default, the project name becomes the name in the field production on the clapper board.


power slate

trackFinger for After Effects: the clapperboard

trackFinger for After Effects is also a great clapperboard: we could even “skip” this part of the software, but since the device’s display is framed for shooting we decided to create an ergonomic and quick and easy to manage slate.

The clapperboard carries all the data that are necessary to categorize and catalog a take, but not limited to it: all these data are stored in the track so when the email is sent all these informations are displayed in the email, so you will not lose them.

But it does not end there: it’s definitely a clapperboard very easy to manage because all the data can be modified by simply tapping on the field and entering the value.

For numeric values​​, roll, sound, scene and take, we also implemented also gesture with the fingers that increase by one unit simply by swiping up or down.

Swiping your finger to the left or right, however, you can add alphanumeric values​​.

Data from the slate are saved along with the track and can also be used as the final report of a shooting day with precise and accurate informations for every single shot.

The trackFinger clapperboard is fully compatible with trackSlate connect, so you can remote all the clapper data from another iOS device, a Mac or a PC:



trackFinger for After Effects: tracking fingers on green screen display

Once you clap the slate, the screen of the device turns green or blue (depending on settings) and everything that happens on it is recorded from a finger up to ten, 60 times per second.

The position of the fingers is saved and, once you have finished recording, all data is stored within the device.

To stop recording, press one of the corners of the display or set a timeout (everything is completely customizable).

A screen appears that allows us to rate the shot and, if necessary, to immediately send the tracking data via email.



trackFinger for After Effects: tracks

Every time you record the movements of the fingers in a session (consider it as an outlet of a single take) a track is being recorded.

Each track is associated with its design and is rated according to the standard: bad, good or reserve.

If you select a track in the track list of a project, you can check the features: the values ​​of roll, scene and take number, date and time of creation, rating and duration in seconds.

From this panel you can choose to send the tracking data by email of one track or all tracks in the project.


fully customizable

trackFinger for After Effects: options and customization

Every aspect of tracking can be completely customized by the user.

The display can be set to green or blue, also with a grid so as to facilitate tracking (with Corner Pin tracking, or planar through Mocha) when the device moves or the camera is not stationary.

There are many settings to indicate how and when to stop recording.

You can also customize the file names, the appearance of the date and time, the amount of information to be displayed in the file itself.

You can specify up to two emails to send tracking data.

Please refer to the section legal regarding the aspects of management of private data.



trackFinger for After Effects: After Effects expressions sample code

trackFinger for After Effects is an app that is meant to be used by users who are very familiar with Adobe After Effects and gets them to full service.

In this site you will find a lot of information and tips on how to use the tracking data to achieve perfect shots, user interfaces that respond in an absolutely accurate way and close to reality simulations with unprecedented verisimilitude.

Remember, the developers of this application are Adobe After Effects users, so we know what is needed and how we can help animators proactively and efficiently.


How does trackFinger AE work?


First: fill the clapperboard

trackFinger for After Effects: the clapperboard

Second: roll the camera

Clap the slate, and do whatever you want with up to ten fingers. trackFinger for After Effects: tracking more than one finger on the green screen display

Stop the tracking and send the data

trackFinger for After Effects: track rating

trackFinger AE will send you an email

with attached text files containing the tracking data. trackFinger for After Effects: After Effects position keyframes

Copy and paste into comp layers in Adobe After Effects

you’ll immediately get position and opacity keyframes for each finger. trackFinger for After Effects: copy and paste keyframes

Animations will perfectly match fingers position and timing

trackFinger for After Effects: final compositing and animation